Guide How to Find Work After College

We all know that the United States economy has been rocky since 2007 and it has taken a heavy toll on recent college graduate’s chances for employment. To help increase your competitiveness in the job market, a few basic things can be done while you are still in college. Technical skills can give job applicants huge advantages. Learning skills such as programming or using existing programs will not only give you more options for employment but may give you a higher salary. Let’s say that a job applicant knows how to develop web sites and has a degree in finance. A company will tend to hire that job applicant because he or she can work multiple positions within the company and with added responsibility comes a higher salary. It would be well advised for anyone who plans on entering the workforce to learn how to use multiple programs and programming languages because computer skills are very valuable and hard to find.

Supply and demand rules the job market. If you pick majors that are not in demand then you will be a part of the surplus supply of workers that can never use the degree that they paid thousands of dollars for. I am sorry to say it folks, but a degree in Art History or Philosophy is just an expensive high school diploma. If you do not plan on going to professional school then save yourself the trouble and do not pick majors in the liberal arts. They are not in demand and never will be in our global economy. The majors that are seeing the greatest increase in demand are those that require math skills such as engineering, mathematics, computer science and the health care professions. If you are serious about finding employment after college then make sure that your major will be in demand. For more information on careers visit The Occupation Handbook.

Another way to increase your competitiveness for jobs is to intern. Intern! Intern! Intern! This can never be stressed enough. Students who intern at multiple companies historically do much better when they apply for jobs after college. When you intern at a company you will not only gain valuable work experience but you will network with people who have influence in your field of study and can help you achieve your goals. These people can help you by finding jobs for you in another company or by hiring you to work for them. At the very least the experience can be added to your resume and the company can be used as a reference.

Always be willing to go anywhere to get a job or an internship. Many college graduates remain unemployed after graduation because they only apply for jobs in areas that they are comfortable living in. This kind of thinking results in many missed opportunities. If finding employment in your field of study is the most important thing to you then you should be willing to move to any location in order to find a job after graduation. Also, college students should focus on gaining work experience because it shows responsibility, maturity, and time management. These are three traits that employers are constantly looking for. The above information will make you much more competitive as college graduate and hopefully will help you land that dream job.